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Musikcenter Scharte - the Accordion and Guitar -Shop

Musik-Center.de is one of the leading online stores boasting high quality accordions and guitars since 1977. Our umbrella of brands covers Ballone Burini, Bugari, Borsini, Hohner, Weltmeister, Guerrini, Music Man, Taylor, Furch, Takamine, Breedlove, Collings, and many more. For questions about your new musical instrument , please contact us (+49 5258 5555). Trust in our certified order process by "Trusted Shops". If you are happy, we are happy too.

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Castagnari Lilly G/C 8-Bass überholt used

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Pigini C-MIII Converter Cassotto überholt used

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Music Man Sterling SUB AX4 Trans. Red

Price includes VAT excl. Shipping costs

Takamine Guitars

Takamine Acoustic

Hohner Corona

Hohner Corona


Hagstrom Retroscape

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