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Commission and trade-in

Here we offer you the possibility to sell your old guitar in commission or to trade in your existing guitar for a new guitar. Through years of experience in online trading and the expansion of our online platform (focus acoustic guitar) on the European, American and Asian market, we have created the basis to successfully sell your guitar. With the guitar commission sale we make this possible.

We offer the commission sale for guitars, which have a value of goods from 2500,00Euro. We charge 18% of the gross sales price for the sale. To give you an idea of the cost structure we have illustrated the costs here:

  • Payment processing: approx. 1,5% - 5%
  • Packaging costs: approx. 20 Euro
  • Shipping costs DHL-Express: 60 - 200 Euro
  • Marketing expenses Google, third party websites: approx. 8%.
  • Revision of your guitar to our standard.
  • Creation of product texts and high quality product pictures
  • Warranty for the sale

If your guitar is not sold or you decide to keep your instrument we charge 199,00Euro. You will get back your guitar refurbished (polished, with new strings). In addition, you will receive a data stick with the product pictures and the product texts created by us.

Your guitar will be stored in a case (or bag) in our air-conditioned warehouse until it is sold. It will only be made available to interested parties for testing in our showroom by appointment and is therefore not part of a permanent exhibition.

For trade-ins on a new guitar, there are a few stipulations we need to point out.  We offer trade-ins from a value of 2000,00Euro. We do not accept trade-ins of private labels of music stores and no amplifiers/electronics.

Guitar Commission & Trade-in Inquiry Form

If you are interested, you can use the following form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.