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Free sample Boveda Starter Kit

With every guitar from 3000 Euro you get the Boveda Starter Kit for FREE!

Since instruments experience humidity differences during transport, you will receive the Boveda Starter Kit for free when you purchase a guitar for 3000 Euros or more. We put the starter kit in the case or cardboard box of your ordered guitar and your dream guitar will arrive safely to you.

Boveda im Gitarrenkoffer

Boveda Starter Kit

The Boveda Starter Kit consists of 2x Humidity Control Sets and a bag. The Boveda Starter Set provides a humidity of 45 - 55% and lasts 2 - 6 months.

Boveda im Gitarrenkoffer
Boveda Starter Kit

Boveda optimal humidity

The Boveda Humidifier Control pack is simply placed in the guitar case and provides humidity between 45 - 55%. By permanently regulating the humidity, wooden instruments such as guitars have a longer life and reach their full potential in terms of sound and playability.

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