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Interesting facts about Hagstrom:

Founded in 1958 Hagstrom initially established itself with the construction of accordions. In the 1940s the company began manufacturing concert and acoustic guitars. The first electric guitar left Hagstrom's premises in 1958 and after a short time the company was able to establish an excellent reputation in the guitar business. Hagstrom guitars are known for their good playability, special features and outstanding price-performance ratio.

In the course of time Hagstrom guitars have undergone further development: For example, nowadays the unique wood Resinator™ is used for the fingerboards to ensure that the instrument vibrates particularly well. The Hagstrom pickups have a special development to improve the original voicing. The knobs, the truss rod and the potentiometers also underwent a revision. Today Hagstrom guitars are known for their unmistakable, pithy sound.

Hagstrom Fantomen Electric Guitar

Hagstrom Fantomen legendary play culture

Hagstrom Super Viking Semi-Acoustic-Guitar

Hagstrom „Artist Project”-Models

Hagstrom Viking Semi-Acoustic-Guitar

Hagstrom Viking Semi Acoustic Guitar

Set in the specialist workshop

All Hagstrom guitars are completely adjusted in our workshop before safe shipping. The neck curvature is adjusted, the saddle notches and bridge inlay are adjusted. We pay attention to a very good playability of the instruments. We are happy to take your preferences into account when adjusting Hagstrom acoustic guitars. Please feel free to contact us after placing your order.

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Hagstrom Ultra Max Special

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