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Interesting facts about Takamine:

Takamine Guitars Inc. is founded in 1962 by a consortium of 30 guitar makers in Japan. The location in Sakashita in the Kiso Valley at the foot of Mount Takamine inspired the founders to find a name for the company. In the first years the domestic demand for mainly concert guitars and mandolins was met. In 1968 Mass Hirade became the new chief developer and production manager of Takamine Gakki Ltd. Hirade supports Takamine in the alignment and construction of high quality guitars. In the late 60's and early 70's Takamine manufactures high quality steel string guitars for C.F. Martin Co. under the brand name Sigma-Guitars. For competitive reasons the cooperation with C.F. Martin Co. does not last long.

From the mid 1970s Takamine guitars are sold in the USA under the Takamine brand name. At this time Takamine in Japan began to develop new independent designs with features of their Martin-like guitars. Since then Takamine has been successfully working on new unique selling points.
In the early 70's Takamine took over the Takamine Headstock from L.R.Baggs, which is still in use today. L.R.Baggs was a luthier who built guitars for Ry Cooder and others in the early 70's. L.R.Baggs specialized in pickup systems for acoustic guitars since the mid 70's. Today L.R.Baggs is one of the most famous manufacturers of pickup systems for acoustic guitars.
Takamine has developed the perfect pickup system for acoustic guitars, which is still unrivalled today.
In 1987 Takamine celebrates 25 years of existence with its first limited model. Since 1987 Takamine has been producing a new limited edition model every year which is the flagship of the company's production and design. The annual Takamine Limited instruments are highly sought after by collectors.

Takamine Yozakura Limited 2020

Takamine Yozakura Limited 2020

Takamine Folk Guitars made in Japan

Takamine CP-7 Mott -made in Japan-

Takamine P3 Koa Parlor

Takamine P3 made in Japan

Set in the specialist workshop

All Takamine guitars are fully adjusted in our workshop before safe shipment. The neck curvature is adjusted, the saddle notches and bridge inlay are adjusted. We make sure that the instruments are very well playable. We are happy to take your preferences into account when adjusting Takamine acoustic guitars. Please feel free to contact us after placing your order.

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Takamine THE60th 26/60

Limited / solid Hawaiian Koa

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