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Why does my brand new acoustic guitar need a setup?

It is not uncommon for a brand new acoustic guitar to need setup adjustments! Especially if the guitar has had a long journey (6 weeks sea freight) and the setup settings were made from the factory. Due to fluctuating temperatures and humidity on the journey to us, it often happens that the guitar is no longer well adjusted or is not playable. Therefore, we take care of the setup adjustment of all acoustic guitars and electric guitars that you purchase from us. Basic adjustments are made, and depending on the price range, the frets may need to be dressed. The saddle is also re-filed and the bridge inlay is adjusted. In this way, we offer you an excellent SETUP, which will give you pleasure from the first chord.

If you prefer a specific setup, please contact us and we will consider your desired setup before shipping your new acoustic guitar.

For orders of 3000,00Euro or more, your NEW acoustic or electric guitar will be provided with a Boveda starter kit, which ensures optimal humidity during transport to you.

String Action & Neck Curvature

We don't just refurbish every setup of the guitars we ship. We also like to dedicate ourselves to your instrument, regardless of where it was purchased, and make sure that the joy of playing it increases again. By having your aukustic guitar or electric guitar professionally set up, better playability can be achieved. Through this service you will get a stringed instrument that is in perfect shape and will bring your concerts and sessions to a new level.

Gitarren SETUP

Setup of your new guitar

Each acoustic guitar and electric guitar is adjusted in our workshop before shipping. We will gladly consider your desired setup for your NEW guitar. To do this, you can use the contact form on our website to let us know which setup you prefer. If you still have questions about the setup of your NEW acoustic guitar, we are always at your disposal.

Setup service around your acoustic guitar

We offer a perfect setup service around your acoustic guitar and electric guitar. No matter where your instrument was purchased! Before a repair on your stringed instrument, you will always receive a fixed price quote of the repair costs from us first, so that you will not be unpleasantly surprised. Of course, we are also available to answer any questions you may have about your instrument - whether it's choosing the right strings or the optimal tuning.

With our expert knowledge and experience, we can guarantee you an optimal setup for your new guitar.

Impressions from the guitar workshop:

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